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Paul Caunce- " We have sold Rodman boats for many years, they have great seakeeping capabilities and give a good solid ride.  Practical, capable and versatile.

Rodman- Founded in 1974, the Rodman group is the oldest Spanish company in its sector. With over 15,000 boats having been constructed to date, Rodman are the indisputable leader of the Spanish nautical division.

The Rodman group offer products that are diverse and versatile, combining high standards of quality, excellent sea keeping and maximum safety.
5 Boatyards between Northern Spain and Portugal; Metalships & Docks in Vigo, Rodman Polyships in Moana, Rodman Lusitania in Valencia do Minho, Conafi in Vila Real de San Antonio and Neuvisa in El Rosal.
The newest boatyard, Rodman Lusitania, is equipped with state of the art production and design systems that are among the most sophisticated in Europe.

Largest industrial surface area in its sector with over 240,000 m2 (66,000 m2 under cover).

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Spirit 31 inboard

Without a doubt the Rodman Spirit 31 is unique, innovative, functional, comfortable, and at the same time solid, powerful and has excellent sailing qualities. This was the first model of the Spirit range and marks the personality and style of the rest of the series, which will be characterised by its appeal to enjoying life on board.

With a registered hull length of 7.99 meters, the new Rodman Spirit 31 is a fantastic choice for those searching for a medium sized cruiser, one of quality with a modern twist.

The exterior design of the Rodman Spirit 31 presents a really innovative line. Its bow which is almost vertical faced with its rounded aft gives it a modern look and at the same time reminds you of a more classical type of boat. The first impression is that of a solid and powerful boat that has been designed for the Atlantic, strong, safe and reliable in any sailing conditions.

The Rodman Spirit 31 Inboard comes with the option of single or twin inboard diesel engines. With the inboard version, on shaft drive, the engines are in the midship space, but there is still room for a comfortable single guest berth to port, and a seperate forward double cabin and seperate beds. The Spirit 31 Inboard comes with a sofa conversion to a berth as standard. 

With the engines inboard, it also means that you get the option of a complete walkthrough transom with the unique sliding cockpit seats, great for access on and off the boat in the marina or of course when enjoying a swim when you ar at anchor.

Rodman 1090 Evolution (9)

1090 Evolution

The first in a new era for Rodman Fisher & Cruiser boats, the Rodman 1090 Evolution. The Rodman Fisher & Cruiser boats are renowned for their solid, quality hulls with excellent sea keeping, and therefore in the Evolution range the hulls will remain unaltered with the exception of new window designs. The 1090 Evolution shares a hull with her predecessor, the Rodman 1040. However it's what's on top that makes the difference; together with Naval design and architecture firm, Barcelona Yacht Design, The Rodman Shipyard have created completely a new superstructure design, incorporating a side door adjacent to the helm, and revised and modernised interior design. The Rodman 1090 Evolution is available with or without a flybridge, and Rodman have also introduced a larger engine option; the muscular Volvo D4 300hp as well as the standard D4 260hp. As with the previous 1040, there are two cabins - a double berth forward and twin guest cabin to starboard, with an additional double berth in the convertible saloon.

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